Kai Andersen loves heroes and heroines with whom she can identify with, i.e. characters who are flawed, who have their own sets of strengths and weaknesses, who find love and passion in each other’s arms. So, these are the kinds of stories she writes. Or hope to write.

1705, 2016

Mine Over Matter


What’s a girl to do when her attractive and built-like-a-Greek-god superior insists on seducing her by using the psychic powers he despises?

Give in, of course! And insists on doing it on her own terms…

Book 1 of Mind Games series

Hungry and desperate, Holly Donovan is grateful when former classmate Becky Feldman offers her a job and a roof over head. However, Holly never expects Becky’s sinfully sexy nephew to be in residence, or that he’d be sleeping in the room next to hers…

Warren Feldman is entranced by his attractive and luscious assistant. He is built like a dark Greek god with […]

1705, 2016

Forbidden Desire


Passion beyond nine to five.

Rebecca Adams has been in love with Gavin MacAllister for as long as she remembered, though she’d met him about six years ago, when she was sixteen. He’d always pushed her away, but no longer. She’s determined to make him see her as a woman–a very desirable woman. Working together in the same company should allow her to do just that.

Only one other person knew that this was her last hurrah before she gave Gavin up forever. Because she has a secret she’s been keeping from him.

Can she make him succumb to this forbidden desire pulsing between them?


Red and the Huntsman


Red has turned eighteen, yet her mother (and everyone else) persists in seeing her as a little girl. She doesn’t know if it is because of her petite stature or something else.

When the man she is attracted to doesn’t see her as a woman, it’s the last straw.

She will show them that she’s all grown up, and woman enough for her man.

~ 3998 words

The Question of Royalty


Bound by an oath…

A lush, sensual, wet beauty arrives at his hunting lodge, seeking shelter from the ferocious storm. She claims to be a princess, but so many things about her don’t add up. Despite his intense attraction to her, Frederick can’t help but be suspicious.

To marry a real princess…

Serena is running from a terrible fate, and she has no wish to linger, even when one look from her host makes her feel things she’s never felt before. Not […]

The Quest


Protecting the princess is his duty

Especially from himself…

Giselda of Mithirien is a fake, and she knows it. When Prince Michael of Ermont offers for her hand, she’s overjoyed. Michael can give her everything her heart desires—wealth, security, status. So why is she attracted to Rodin, son of the palace gardener?

What if she proves irresistible…

Rodin knows he’s nothing and no one in Giselda’s eyes, but he can’t help hungering for her. Brought together by a desperate mission, […]

1705, 2016

Love Cure

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Marianne’s brother is dying. A man known as The Collector offers her a slim hope for her brother’s life in the form of a statuette purported to possess healing powers. There’s only one condition: she must retrieve it together with Nicholas Trent, the man who’d stolen her heart and crushed it beneath his feet seven years ago and who still affects her in the most primal way.

Nicholas aches to hold Marianne again, but he can’t blame her for hating him. When he hears she has a son and concludes she must be married, the ache only grows stronger. He agonized over losing her, but how could he tell her that he’d […]

1705, 2016

Heart of the Woolf


How far can she run before her secrets catch up with her?

Adrienne Lee loves her new life and new job working at Creative Minds, sure that her biggest problem is keeping her attraction to her boss under wraps. Good thing he can’t see the lustful fantasies she’s been having about him. That concern is overpowered by the death threats she’s receiving, along with a couple of mysterious phone calls, threatening all she holds dear.

Empath Jake Woolf thinks his biggest problem is keeping the lustful thoughts his lovely and sexy subordinate is projecting out of his head, but neither Jake nor Adrienne can contain the […]