What’s a girl to do when her attractive and built-like-a-Greek-god superior insists on seducing her by using the psychic powers he despises?

Give in, of course! And insists on doing it on her own terms…

Book 1 of Mind Games series

Hungry and desperate, Holly Donovan is grateful when former classmate Becky Feldman offers her a job and a roof over head. However, Holly never expects Becky’s sinfully sexy nephew to be in residence, or that he’d be sleeping in the room next to hers…

Warren Feldman is entranced by his attractive and luscious assistant. He is built like a dark Greek god with a most formidable talent: telekinesis. Though he hates his telekinetic ability, he doesn’t hesitate to use his powers to ensnare Holly to his lusts and to take them on a delightful journey of sensual pleasures.

Until they discover certain evil forces at work against them and threatening their lives… and things aren’t as simple as they seem.

Warning: This title contains the following: explicit sex and graphic language.