Protecting the princess is his duty

Especially from himself…

Giselda of Mithirien is a fake, and she knows it. When Prince Michael of Ermont offers for her hand, she’s overjoyed. Michael can give her everything her heart desires—wealth, security, status. So why is she attracted to Rodin, son of the palace gardener?

What if she proves irresistible…

Rodin knows he’s nothing and no one in Giselda’s eyes, but he can’t help hungering for her. Brought together by a desperate mission, Rodin can’t resist awakening his princess to the sensual arts. Much as he loves her luscious body, he wants her heart even more.

And he didn’t want to resist?

Their desperate quest is fraught with peril—from monstrous beasts and rough terrain to the wild longings and forbidden hopes of their unsuspecting hearts. It may bring them destruction…or their greatest prize.

~50,605 words